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The beaches

The coast of Aglientu is famed for the beauty of its beaches and its untainted natural environment.

It meanders its way for around 12 miles across three large beaches and other smaller – but equally stunning – sandy stretches, alternating with jagged, low-level rocks.
The beach at Vignola is a thing of great beauty, particularly the final tract, known as the Torre Aragonese section, which affords a breathtaking panorama. Beyond the aforementioned “Torre” (tower), you will come to the wonderful San Silverio beach and the bay of Punta di li Francesi.
Just a few miles from the Hotel, lapped by the crystal-clear sea, is the beach of Lu Litarroni, with its exceptionally fine granite sand extending for miles on end. It has been celebrated by various specialist magazines as one of the most astonishing beaches in the Mediterranean: the incessant back and forth of the waves and the wind has given rise to a truly unique dune system.
Another attraction that is very much worth seeing is the granite promontory of Monti Russu which, at 90 metres in height, provides the backdrop to one of the most enchanting beaches in this part of the island. A Site of Community Importance, its value derives from the naturalness of the environment, the uniqueness of the habitat and the presence of rare or native species or species of phytogeographic interest.

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